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Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nokia leaves Symbian for Linux?

First of all the answer. Impossible!
This started with a recent article from ARCchart which says that Nokia could use Linux ( like Palm will do in the future with their handhelds ) for the Series60 platform.
The main reason for this was that Nokia, even if it owns about 50% of Symbian Ltd, pays a 5$ license on every phone sold with Symbian OS. This 5$ fee is insignificant thinking that the other parts of a Series60 phone usually cost way over 100$.
Another reason was that Nokia has developed the Nokia 770 tablet on Linux instead of Symbian OS. The reason why Nokia did this is because Linux is better for this job. Nokia 770 is not even a phone. Is a totally different gadget. For such a device Linux is a big advantage because with a small effort they will port open-source programs to Nokia 770's proprietary Linux.
I find the migration, for Nokia's Series60, impossible because Nokia is just doing a great job with Series60 now. They have 75% of the SmartPhone market. This shows that this Symbian OS - Nokia formula is a great one and Nokia does not want to lose it's market share with such a switch

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Smartphone sales doubled in second quarter

Symbian extends its market share lead over Microsoft and Palm, according to the latest worldwide market share study.
Worldwide shipments of smartphones more than doubled in the second quarter of this year compared to the same quarter a year ago to 12 million now, with less than 6 million a year ago. I find this to be very good news especially for the Symbian market which has increased to 76% compared to Linux 13%, PalmOS 4%, Windows 4% and RIM 1%.
Nokia ships now 63% of all mobile devices running an OS, compared to Microsoft 16% and Palm 10%.
Also Nokia increased it's market share from 33% to 55%.
This is very good news for Symbian phone owners and especially for Nokia Series60 owners

Monday, June 20, 2005

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

N70 is the "Best SmartPhone Ever"

This is what Mobile Review says about the Nokia N70 ( article )
They reviewed both the phone and the 2 MP camera.
This phone is absolutely great. It is the only Nokia Series60 with both Stereo MP3 Playback and Radio.
Read the review and come back here to comment about the phone

Monday, June 06, 2005

Darla Reads Me

Believe it or not Darla Mack read me. This is a very good thing for me because I respect her very much. She made an article about an application that she found on this blog. This is the link to her article.
Thanks Darla!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Nokia N90 Review

The Nokia N90 got a review from Mobile Review. They reviewed the Phone and the Camera

in two separate articles. The review is great. Unfortunately now I've found out that this enormous phone has an inferior battery

Sunday, May 29, 2005

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Googlism for Symbian

symbian is huge in europe
symbian is in danger of losing the
symbian is licensed by global
symbian is huge in europe bremner
symbian is huge
symbian is optimistic
symbian is in danger of losing the support of developers
symbian is at the heart of it all
symbian is a consortium owned by nokia
symbian is bad for us no matter what
symbian is going to get that whether licensees go for the nokia ui or not
symbian is now the de
symbian is an excellent example of how competitors in the product space can work
symbian is and does * issues arising from working with third parties
symbian is the os force behind smartphones and
symbian is an operating system
symbian is working closely with software developers and network
symbian is addressing is the smartphone market
symbian is helping drive this move to make handsets more like tiny computers and able to handle video
symbian is to receive a total of £20
symbian is about
symbian is on track to break even in the last month of 2001
symbian is a joint venture started by psion
symbian is pleased to announce the formation of the symbian training partner
symbian is very pleased to have emcc software within the symbian competence center community
symbian is now looking to drive demand by working more closely with wireless network operators
symbian is the first time that the arm jazelle technology enabling kit?
symbian is for their soon to come wap phones
symbian is assisting shorter development cycles by
symbian is supporting the intel ® personal internet client architecture
symbian is
symbian is not in the traditional mobile computing business
symbian is a joint venture between the world's biggest makers of mobile phones
symbian is committed to providing leading edge technologies within the symbian os for powering
symbian is de nieuwe naam van het besturingssysteem zoals dat oa gebruikt wordt in de huidige generatie psions
symbian is one of the first companies leveraging this joint effort
symbian is headquartered in london
symbian is focused on enabling end users through enchanting and intuitive user interfaces
symbian is an operating system designed for small
symbian is owned by nokia
symbian is to receive a total of pnds stlg 20
symbian is the first time that the arm jazelle technology enabling kit™
symbian is going to great lengths to bill itself as a telecommunications rather than a computing company
symbian is a
symbian is the focal point for delivering a new
symbian is a software licensing company
symbian is a complete integrated development environment for programming movile devices based on the symbian os
symbian is not responsible for checking the validity of the content of the listing
symbian is partnering with arm
symbian is contesting christensen's departure and has threatened legal action to keep him from joining microsoft's wireless division in sweden
symbian is a company owned by all major cell phone manufacturers
symbian is promoting its operating system for a wide variety of devices
symbian is building what someone
symbian is bad
symbian is open and os
symbian is based
symbian is announcing a wide range of renewed contracts and licenses from mobile phone companies such as
symbian is the first time that the arm jazelle technology enabling kit
symbian is working closely with leading industry players like intel to create a mass market for data
symbian is holding its first us developer conference in santa clara next week
symbian is now in the spotlight; add in the arrival of the palm os 5
symbian is working closely with partners to drive the creation of thousands of innovative software
symbian is now a joint venture of psion
symbian is owned by psion
symbian is banking on selling 50 million keyboard and phone
symbian is a joint venture between handheld computer maker psion
symbian is interesting in that the underlying os is written in object
symbian is available at www
symbian is a joint venture between nokia
symbian is at least staking its claim in europe
symbian is not to impose the symbian gui on the hardware manufacturer
symbian is owned by the major players in the industry
symbian is setting the standard for the delivery of the mobile operating system and beyond
symbian is a more compact
symbian is al volledig geoptimaliseerd voor de intel xscale
symbian is relying on gprs
symbian is copied below
symbian is copied in full below
symbian is becoming a major operating system for these devices
symbian is a partnership formed by motorola
symbian is the start of a new co
symbian is building quartz into four reference designs to give vendors a choice of form factors
symbian is working with these companies to ensure optimal support and stability of their products on the symbian platform
symbian is owned by ericsson

fMSX for Series 60

"MSX emulator for Series 60. MSX is an 8-bit home computer that first saw light in 1983. With this emulator you can play games available in the web for the MSX platform
There are two flavors of the emulator:
  • "a" which works on all Series 60 based devices
  • "b" which is specially optimized for Symbian OS 7.0s or newer based devices (e.g. Nokia 6600). The "b" flavor runs faster on Symbian OS 7.0s or newer based devices than the "a" flavor and it supports some of the new OS features. The "b" flavor does not work at all on Symbian OS 6.1 based devices (such as Nokia 7650 or Nokia 3650)"
I find emulating different platforms on the Series60 a great thing. This is yet another emulator that you can try. Download it from this site

MMC Compatibility List

Howard Forums has a post with a MMC Compatibility List that will help you when you will need to buy a new MMC card for your mobile phone. In theory all MMC cards work the same. In fact some might not be compatible with your phone and the only way to find out is see that experiences had some people with different brand of cards. This is the thread with the list

Sunday, May 22, 2005


This is the ultimate club/pub/cinema/train fun you can have with your bluetooth enabled mobile phone.
Throughout Bluejacking you can scare, make fun of or flirt with a person with a bluetooth enabled phone that is within 10 meters of you.
Using Bluejacking you can send anonymous messages to another bluetooth enabled device and best of all it's absolutely free.
To Bluejack someone you need to create a contact on your phone and in the name field you should type your message. Then select "Send via bluetooth", select a target and then see who has the phone you've just Bluejacked.
There are some programs that make this process more complex if you want it like that. One of them is the new Nokia Sensor ( article ) developed by Nokia as a social bluetooth app. The only issue is that is works only with newer phones ( Series60 v2 only ). The other is MobiLuck which is compatible also with older devices and the Nokia 6230.

The Mobiles Show Podcast

After I've bought my iPod I've starter to search some nice podcasts to listen to. And what could be better than a Podcast about Symbian, Mobile Games and 3GSM. This podcast's name is "The Mobiles Show" and can be found in

Google XHTML Search

Another article which may not be exactly related to Symbian but is a tool that I like very much. The think is called Google Mobile.
"Google mobile lets you search and view the Web on your mobile phone. Google takes HTML pages normally viewed on a computer and translates them so that you can see them when you're on the go. To get started, simply type in your search query, and Google will return the most relevant results in a format your phone understands."
It works on every WAP 2.0 enabled phone, not only on Symbian.
You can search the Web, Images and Local with the possibility of turning SafeSearch on and off.
You can view it in your desktop browser if you what to know how it looks like.
The address is

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Nokia 6680 and 3230 Reviewed

My favorite review site, Mobile Review, made two reviews about this two phones.
This is the one for Nokia 6680 and the one for Nokia 3230.
Those guys really deserve to be number one in phone reviews. I enjoy every review they make. Maybe they might just work a little bit on the translations and spelling but this is not a bit issue.